Technical Analysis 1Technical Analysis 2

How to trade using our sentiments:

We use various types of indicators to analyze current trend on major currency pairs. Currently we are providing 6 currency pairs sentiments. We can assure you that, what you see in Daily chart, is the main trend & you always should follow this main trend no matter what. And for correct entry point always look for short time frame, here we also provide M15, H1 chart time frame as well.

Whenever you see all 4 charts are showing same trend which means its perfect to enter a trade otherwise vice versa. Also look for our suggested signals below each currency pairs.

Note: Please make sure you understand our guidelines before start to follow our signals and also remember that, forex market is very unpredictable therefore, always place your stop loss and follow a strict set of rules.

How to receive our sentiments regularly:

We announce updated sentiments every day. Generally around 7-8AM or 7-8PM every day. Therefore, either you can check our website regularly or you can subscribe to our newsletter using your email address and you will get notify whenever we announce updated sentiments.

Look for “Follow US” button on the left, Happy Trading.


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