Closed on Dec 27, 2017 (11:02 PM) EST Result: 60 pips profit


How to trade using our signals:

We try to predict the market using simple but legendary indicators, ADX (Average Directional Index), Moving Average and Support & Resistance zone. ADX & Moving Average helps us to identify current market trend while Support & Resistance zone help us to identify possible price retracement zone where price may turn back and start  heading to opposite direction.

Note: Please make sure you understand our guidelines before start to follow our signals and also remember that, forex market is very unpredictable therefore, always place your stop loss and follow a strict set of rules.

How to receive our signals regularly:

Also be noted that, we only announce our new trading signal whenever we identify a new trading opportunity. Therefore, either you can check our website regularly or you can subscribe to our newsletter using your email address and you will get notify whenever we announce a new trading signal.

Look for “Follow US” button on the left, Happy Trading.


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